Moruya Cup

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Getting Good Moruya Cup Experiences

Moruya is a town in New South Wales that sits on the banks of the river of the same name. The name is derived from the Australian Aboriginal word mherroyah, which means Home of the Black Swan, and these birds are still seen on the Moruya River and other surrounding bodies of water. Originally home to the Walbanga and Brinja Yuin indigenous tribes, the area was colonised in the 1820s and then proclaimed a municipality in 1891. In addition to the Moruya Cup, the town offers several tourist attractions that all complement each other. Racing fans should find activities to enhance their Moruya experience quite easily.

The Moruya Cup

The cup is held in January at the Moruya Racecourse, which is operated by the town’s Jockey Club. The new premises have been occupied since 1986, but racing in the town goes all the way back to the 1870s. The Racecourse and Jockey Club are actually the hub of horse racing on the South Coast of New South Wales, and host 13 events throughout the year for Moruya and the other Eurobodalla Shire towns of Narooma and Batemans Bay. The current track is a good all-weather run, thanks to its sand base and bore watering system. The sand base and turf surface also create a cushioned surface and is gentle on horses’ legs as they race around it. It has a circumference of 1760 metres and a final straight of 400 meters.

Races at the Jockey Club can be as short as 920 meters, but the Moruya Cup is 1930 meters. Like all of the races held at the Club, it offers world-class facilities and surrounding events including TAB and bookies on site, good entertainment for children, Fashions on the Field events and great bar and food services.

There are plenty of wagers to be placed on the Moruya Cup, both on the day and beforehand at local bookies and online. It’s quite easy to check out the odds and all possible bets, and punters are encouraged to see what all their options are before they put down any money. As always, it’s also a good idea to find out as much as possible about the performance of all contending horses and riders, the weather conditions of the day, injury reports and any other facts about the race. Expert opinions and reliable tips should be taken into consideration as well. For many people, the attention and analysis that successful punting requires adds a new level of appreciation for the horse racing events.

Other Things to do in Moruya

When checking out the Moruya Cup, visitors should also take the opportunity to explore the unspoilt bushland and beaches that surround the town. Plenty of activities are designed to help them do this, including kayaking and skydiving. There are also many historical sites and museums, as well as a thriving arts scene. Fishing and golfing enthusiasts will also find satisfying activities, and the fascinating Bendethera Caves can be accessed from this town only, using 4-wheel drive vehicles. Creating well-rounded experiences that centre on the Cup or simply have it as one feature in an array of many, depending on personal preferences, should be very easy.