Port Augusta Cup

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Port Augusta Racing Club Hosts Nine Races Annually in Port Augusta

Since 1881 the Port Augusta Racing Club has provided the region with high quality thoroughbred racing events on the town’s sand race track. The Port Augusta Racing Club hosts nine race meetings annually. Race days are always a great social occasion, and the towns people turn out for the fun and entertainment in their hundreds.

Port Augusta, because of its central location, is the hub of thoroughbred racing in the district of the Spencer Gulf. The Port Augusta Racecourse has become famous for its beautiful view, as the dramatic Flinders Range forms part of the backdrop. The Port Augusta Racecourse is situated only a few minutes from the central business district of the town. Thousands of visitors flock to Port Augusta during its mild winter weather, to experience the excitement of the Port Augusta Cup in July.

The race course has a sand surface covering the track, and has many facilities to enable the many visitors and local people to enjoy the festivities on offer during the running of the annual Port Augusta Cup. This race is run over a distance of 2250 metres. All eight races on Cup day are televised to audiences all over Australia, and the viewing is estimated to be about 2.6 million people. In 2016 the audience is expected to grow.

Port Augusta is a lovely water side town, at the head of the Spencer Gulf, and three hundred kilometres north of Adelaide in South Australia. The setting of the town is enhanced by the majestic Flinders Range in the background.

Port Augusta Horse Race Betting Online

Most Australians enjoy betting on horse races, whether the big famous races or the smaller country race meets. Sports facilities these days offer such a range of options for the enthusiast, that it is becoming more and simpler for punters to access the information they need on the sport they are interested in. Statistics show that horse racing is one of the most popular sports that punters choose to place a bet on, and there are certainly many options for them to use.

The lines between following, watching, supporting and betting on any particular sport is not as clear cut as it used to be. All these activities are considered part and parcel of the global fascination of sport and the entertainment it provides.

Some Care Should be Taken in Choosing a Bet

Betting on sport, and horse racing, is now very often done online. The sports books compete for the punters’ bets, and offer several bonuses and special offers to entice people to register with them. It is worth a little time spent, for punters to investigate the best of the offers, and the best odds advertised. The online betting industry is growing in leaps and bounds, and is becoming a huge global business. Many of the better sites also publish news letters,  that give punters much of the information they need to choose which horse could be the winner. News on the form of the horse and rider, the condition of the racetrack, the trainer and a host of other relevant information.

As with other gambling games, there are some basic bets and some long shots. It is a good idea to learn the difference. This is a path that punters should give a little though to, as betting on horse racing does require a bit of skill, rather than depending just on luck to help to pick a winner.